The Party Animal Hangover Patch

Friday night is here and the weekend has started. You are prepared to hang out with friends and party hard. If you are this person, you are more than likely, still in college or at least in your 20’s. You are looking forward to going out and meeting new people while hanging with old friends. You are expecting to stay up late and then wake up early. Summarising, you are planning to have a superb time.

You go out to the party, and you have the time of your life. You dance with those hot girls and put your moves on try to get lucky. However, you are too drunk to realise just how stupid you look but do you care? You are having so much fun that nothing else matters!

You go home realising that you had a great time and are as happy as you can be. You may even try calling people you have not talked to in a long time, even though it is the middle of the night because you are so hyped and you are not ready to go to bed just yet. You are trying to make the evening last just a little bit longer.

You finally go to bed somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning. You get as much sleep as you needed because it’s the weekend, but you still feel horrible. You feel as though you are literally dying but you still do not care. You had such a good time that you are planning on going out again on Saturday night because come on, you only live once.

So you suck it up and try it again only to find out the next morning that you feel worse the second morning than you did the first morning. You soon realise that you are not regretting going out, but regret how much you drank. A few minutes later, you find yourself praying for a relief and promising to yourself and the Almighty that you will never do this again.

A week passes and Friday night comes again, and your friends are ready to see you get out and party all over again. They want to go out and have fun and want you to go with them. You, being the good friend you are, and remembering that you had a good time the last weekend agree to go out yet again. Whatever happened to that ‘last time’, you should definitely not be the one thinking about it.

Most of us have gone out, drank too much and had sworn we would never do it again. Some choose not to do it again, while others forget about what happened on last weekend and decide to go out again and endure the nasty hangover one more time.

We have all been there before, where we wake up, and feel weak and tired. You feel like you want to vomit, you are sensitive to light and noise. Your head hurts like it has never hurt before. You feel dizzy or at least dizzier than normal, and you honestly feel as though you are dying. All this is caused by you partying too much the night before. Hence, the dread hangover.

Hangover are caused by you drinking too much, right? Well, this is true, but the reason why you get a hangover from drinking too much is that alcohol is a diuretic which causes you to become dehydrated and when a person becomes dehydrated they feel dizzy, light headed, sensitive to noise and light, and heavy-headed. It is the same as having a hangover.

So, my questions to you now do you like hanging out with your friend’s? Do you sometimes drink too much? When you drink too much, do you wake up with a nasty hangover that you wish you did not have? Boy, do I have some good news for you?

Many learn just not to drink enough to cause a hangover, but other’s take a while to realise that you can still go out and party and not cause yourself to have a vicious hangover the next morning. For those of you who like going out but hate those vicious headaches, I have a completely 100% natural way of riding your hangover altogether and it will not cause harm to you in any way, shape, or form. Sounds nice right?

This is a patch called Bio Energy that contains a combination of amino acids and proteins called glutamine, glycine, and cysteine which makes Glutathione. Glutathione is naturally produced in our body and in general, is recycled. However, once toxins increase so does the glutathione. Glutathione stops being recycled once it senses toxins. Hence, glutathione and drinking water can all the time and helps rid of the alcohol that causes the hangovers.

The patch is so simple to use that if you do not use it well, you must be made ineligible for drinking by law. All you have to do is place the patch on your left side for approximately 45 minutes before you start your party. You want to be sure only to touch the corner and apply it to a dry and hairless part of your body. Once you stop drinking you want to continue to wear the patch for up to 8 hours and no more than 24 hours. It is truly that simple, and the good news is, it does not itch and does not require any work other than you putting it on 45 minutes before starting your night.

Once you are ready to take the patch off, you want to wet it with warm water and gently pull each corner and pull towards the middle. You want to be careful not to yank it off because you will pull off you skin if you yank.

So, the next time you want to go out and party to have fun, do not be afraid of a hangover. Just simply apply the pouch before going out and leave it on for at least 8 hours after partying but remember, no more than 24 hours to wake up with no hangover.

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